How it works


Step 1: Survey

  • You complete the form.

  • You establish your goal and objectives.

  • You indicate your level.

  • You indicate your training knowledge.

  • Your schedule and availability for training.

  • You list your equipment and monitors

Parc national des Pyrénées

Step 2: Meet the coach

  • Virtual, thanks to Covid...

    • Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Team, etc.

  • We review the survey.

  • We set the objectives.

  • We go over the training principles.

  • We agree.

  • Let's roll ...

Assessment of MAP, FTP, VO2Max, carbohydrate and lipid utilization, lactate production

Step 3: Assessment

  • If not already done, a ramp-type assessment is performed to determine the Maximum Aerobic Power (MAP).

  • We establish the training zones in power (Watt) and heart rate (HR).

  • The test is done on a Home Trainer. It is a controlled environment and allows us to compare during the season.

  • If you are interested in the world of physiology or just for fun, you can take the test in a laboratory. Reference on request.


Step 4: Training Principles

  • Progression - build-up your physical qualities, reduction of injuries, basis for more intensity.

  • Overload - to improve determinants.

  • Adaptation - Allow time for the body to adapt to the new effort.

  • Periodization - Recovery period, at all levels: year, month, week, day.

  • Polarization - Maybe...

  • Recovery - Avoid overtraining and rest.

Trainning sessions on TrainingPeaks

Step 5: Your plan

  • Plan prepared each week on the TrainingPeaks site

  • Feedbacks for each session directly in your plan.

  • Training analysis with TrainingPeaks tools

  • You enter your measurements: Weight, Wake-up HR, sleeping time, perception of effort, etc.

  • Communication via Trainingpeaks, email, text or phone, no limits.

Let's have fun...

Step 6: Your Challenges

  • Whether you are a beginner or experienced cyclist, a good plan will help you achieve your goals.

  • A race, a better fitness, a bike trip, a better FTP, everything is possible.

  • Not sure yet, contact me for your questions.

  • And above all, let's have fun training. :)